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We facilitate the Child Care Center search. Find the perfect spot for your baby 🍼
Compare Child Care Centers around you - good overview and easy.

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Find the Perfect Daycare
1. Find the Perfect Daycare
Find the perfect daycare for your baby - right in your neighborhood. Discover how the daycares are run, what values they uphold, and how your child will be lovingly cared for. All details are clearly presented in the individual daycare profiles.
Share Your Favorites
2. Share Your Favorites
Share your favorites with a click with your partner to make the best decision for your child together.
Send Inquiries to Daycares
3. Send Inquiries to Daycares
Through the profiles, you can directly send inquiries to daycares or schedule viewing appointments. Some daycares even offer flexible payment options, such as an interest-free deferral of up to 50% of the monthly daycare costs. Calculate in advance and anonymously how the costs for your daycare will be - with or without a payment deferral. Let's find the perfect daycare together.

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The Child Daycare Universe

Development & Benefits for Children Through Daycare

Higher Social Skills - Children learn important social skills such as sharing, consideration, and teamwork, which are the foundation for their future lives.
Rapid Language Development - Daily interaction with other children and caregivers quickly and playfully improves language skills.
Simplified Kindergarten Entry - Attending daycare prepares children optimally for the transition to kindergarten and makes starting school easier.
Action and Adventure - Daycares offer exciting games and activities that promote playful learning and growth.
Best Friends - Children meet peers and experience shared adventures, fostering valuable early friendships.
Development & Benefits for Children Through Daycare

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